Looking Like a Princess

Most brides want to look like a princess on their wedding day and have their day be like a fairytale.. I know I do – with a twist of course 😉

When I started thinking of how I would like to have my hair done on our wedding day, I was very confused. Do you go up, down, curly or straight? It is such a struggle to decide, and I am sure I am not the only bride in this struggle! So I did some searching and came across this post by Alexia Conley on Lover.ly which is just perfect for any ‘kind’ of princess.

7 Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Princess

by Alexia Conley on Thu Oct 29 2015

We’ve seen Disney fans opt for castle venues, rock fairytale-worthy ball gowns, get animations projected onto their cakes, and walk down the aisle to songs like “A Whole New World,” all to pay homage to their favorite films…
Well, if those ideas sound a little too over-the-top but you still want to channel the magic of Disney into your “I dos,” we recommend taking cues from your favorite characters. Here are seven hairstyles inspired by Disney princesses that you’ll totally love.
1. A gorgeous braid like Elsa from “Frozen.”
Glamorous Engagement Rings And Looks

2. A fancy updo like Cinderella from “Cinderella.”

The Bridal Ballerina Bun: Inspiration Top Tips & DIY Tutorials

3. A half-up style like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Charming Garden-Inspired Vintage Wedding

4. Outrageously curly locks like Merida from “Brave.”

Southwest Florida Rustic Wedding Venue

5. A glam crown and updo like Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog.”

Whimsical Wedding Captured by Larsen's Photography

6. A vintage-inspired faux-bob like Snow White from “Snow White.”

Magical Winter Wedding Shoot: Roses Snow & Red Velvet

7. A simple hairstyle and a stunning headband like Jasmine from “Aladdin.”


Wedding Planning Secrets

For the brides, like myself, planning our own weddings.. This one is for you!

Style me Pretty has amazing pieces for weddings and some great advice – I just had to share their post of “6 Wedding Planning Secrets Every Bride-to-be Needs to Know”. Enjoy 🙂


Colour Your Wedding

This was so difficult for me, because I do not have a favourite colour. Your colour palette and theme need to go hand in hand and your choice should be made based on what you and your fiance wants. You cannot choose a bright pink colour wedding, and have your fiance wear a pink shirt or tie – that’s just wrong. So the colours should be chosen and agreed upon by bride and groom. We also made it easy for ourselves – we went and got paint sample strips to help us choose our colours and we have been working from them throughout our whole planning. This is really a fun part, because you can choose whatever your heart desires!

This will be our colour theme - we love these soft colours and it will create a very elegant feeling to the forest wedding.
This will be our colour theme, more blue than pink though (what my fiance asked) – we love these soft colours and it will create a very elegant feeling to the forest wedding.

Just to give you an idea of all the colour themes we really like, I have added them to the post as well 🙂

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For the Groom…

Brides all have different opinions when it comes to what the groom should be doing – some do not want their groom involved at all, some want them in every step of the planning process and others.. well they just don’t know what they want. As a bride, you need to get your groom as excited about the wedding as you are 🙂

My fiancé is so hands on.. Every detail we decide on together and discuss, every vendor we meet we do it together and it has honestly taken a lot of pressure off of me as a bride. He is amazingly supportive and always considers what I want and if we disagree – we compromise!

So according to Terri Pous there are a few things every groom should do before the wedding.

Bride in Romona Keveza With A White Orchid Bouquet

There are countless ways grooms can get involved in wedding planning. The big ones are no surprise: Getting his suit fitted, writing his vows, and helping pick a first dance song, to name a few. Smaller gestures—like leaving notes for his bride or taking her out dancing—are less established, but make a big difference too!

1. Pick a suit that suits the wedding style. “The most important thing for a couple to consider when planning their formal wear attire is the style and feel of the wedding,” Steinbrenner says. “For a traditional, more formal event, a classic tuxedo with a notch, shawl or peak lapel is ideal. Slim-fit silhouettes have been most popular lately. For a less traditional option, shades of gray are hugely popular. Destination or beach weddings call for a lighter gray, tan or even jacketless tuxedo.”

2. Accessorize! Put the finishing touches on your look with a perfectly folded pocket square or fun socks for an extra pop of color, Steinbrenner says. Accessories make all the difference!

3. Get a haircut, but not the day before. If the trim is too close, this will leave time to let it grow out.

4. Schedule a cleaning service. Hire a cleaner for the week of your wedding and for the duration of your honeymoon. Your house or apartment will look impeccable when things get busy, and it’ll be so nice to come back to a clean home when your honeymoon is over.

5. Go out dancing. Whether it’s going out to a bottle service club until 3:00 a.m. or just having a nice dinner at home with the first dance music ready to go, schedule an excuse to practice that choreographed first dance!

6. Plan something special for your bride for the wedding day. It doesn’t have to be lavish—or even anything you spend a lot of money on—but something thoughtful like a letter and champagne will help make a special day even more magical. Just make sure the delivery arrives at the perfect time.

7. Say “I love you”—often. Leave little notes everywhere. Post-its, chalkboard doodles, slips of paper under fridge magnets. This is the time to be romantic (and yes, even cheesy)!

8. Work on your vows. Transcribe all “for vows” notes on your iPhone, and take a stab at writing something eloquent. And if the vows are already done, practice ’em.

9. Stay on top of the rehearsal dinner. Check in with the priest/rabbi/officiant and make sure both sets of parents and all wedding party members know when and where to show up. Taking the whole party off her plate is a huge gesture and will greatly reduce her stress.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Should You Invite ???

This is question can cause such a headache for the bride and groom – who do you really invite to your wedding? Should the parents have a say in your guest list? It can be difficult, but you need to do what works for yourself! My fiancé and I have cut down on our guest list to 30 people – the people that really mean everything to us and who has a truly special place in our hearts.

Here is a little bit of advice for the bride and groom when planning their guest list.. I have seen this on various wedding sites and Facebook pages. Let it be a game and add a glass of wine – we all know you want to!!


Engagement Ring Selfie

What do you do right after he proposed and you said YES? Take a ring selfie! I struggled to get the perfect picture of my engagement ring to truly show the beauty thereof.. But when I found this post on BRIDES web by Carolyn Hsu, the struggle ended. These are some amazing tips 🙂


How to Take an Engagement Ring Selfie That Will Get a Ton of Likes

by Carolyn Hsu    Friday, October 31, 2014

You’re engaged and sporting your new favorite piece of jewelry. Congrats! Now that you’ve shared the happy news with your family and friends, it’s time to make the important social media announcement. But before you get overly snap happy (remember, posting just one photo will make the most impact), read these tips from professional wedding photographer Paige Jones on how to best capture that bling. Then, hashtag #engagementringselfie and watch the likes roll in!

  1. Hands up!
    “If you raise your hand up above your head for 30 seconds, the blood will drain and your hands will be less veiny,” Jones says. “So have your camera ready when you bring your hand down for ‘the shot’!”
  2. Keep in mind the depth of field. 
    “Create some space between your hand and the background,” advises Jones. “The more space you have, the more the background will blur, keeping the focus where it should be — on your rock!”
  3. Catch the light. 
    “There’s a reason so many people take selfies in their cars — filtered window light is very flattering,” says Jones. To get the most sparkle in your photo, Jones recommends heading to the nearest window with some sun shining through and moving your bauble around until you catch just the right light.
  4. Perfect the angle and style your shoot. 
    The best angle to shoot your rock is the one that showcases all of it. “People love a good ‘over the top’ shot,” says Jones. “From your morning coffee in bed to the ‘#fromwhereistand’ shots that flood your Instagram feed, a shot from above is visually appealing and an easy way to create an eye-catching image. Throw in some flowers, flip through a wedding magazine, stand over a vintage rug, the possibilities are endless!”


Mind Changing

Hi all.. So I have been a bit quiet lately – but for good reason! Plans are changing.. 🙂

Brides and grooms are always told of what a big wedding they should have and what all should be apart of the day. I say no. You do not need the fancy venue, the live entertainment, and all the fluff. Why not do what your heart desires? If you feel you want to get married on the beach alone – do so. I learnt the hard way in life that one should do what makes you happy!

My fiancé was home now for a week – the first time in four months due to work – and our whole wedding plan has changed.